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Význam -'s význam

Co v angličtině znamená -'s?


Possessive marker, indicating that an object belongs to the noun or noun phrase bearing the marker. In the absence of a specified object, used to indicate “the house/place/establishment of”. Indicates a purpose or a user. Used to indicate a quantity of something, especially of time. the house/place/establishment of


(sometimes, _, proscribed) Used to form the plurals of numerals, letters, some abbreviations and some nouns, usually because the omission of an apostrophe would make the meaning unclear or ambiguous. (obsolete) Used to form plurals of foreign words, to clarify pronunciation, such as “banana’s” or “pasta’s”. (proscribed) Used to form the plural of nouns that correctly take just an "s" in the plural. See greengrocer’s apostrophe.
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