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Citáty z filmových titulků

How are you?
These are some poems.
The oppressors are trying to keep me down Ano, Většinou to udělat můžu, ale už to zašlo moc daleko.
You are wasting your time.
Are you sure?
You are disbarred from taking up government posts.
Somehow it seems better when you do it alone What are you doing?
Right you are, old bean.
Where the skies are so blue. To je ale ironie.
Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.
Are you OK?
Big Stuff Who do you think you are? - Co je špatně?
Why are you in my living room?
You all know what you are here for?
Might I inquire if you are the Dr. Seward. whose sanitarium is at Whitby?
Ale, naneštěstí, ti ve Španělsku jsou are bystří a silní.
Frank. are you gonna put me on?
You do then reiterate your accusation. that certain high-ranking officers in the American army are criminals.
Are there any airplanes today that can go 250 miles an hour?
Then I submit, Col. Mitchell, that you are guilty of the most flagrant disorder. to the prejudice of good military discipline.
Are you ready. to give unquestioned obedience to your superiors, even though you may consider their conduct negligent and incompetent?
In view, then, of your present opinion. that your superiors are negligent and incompetent, could you give them unquestioned obedience. should you be returned to duty?
Noahu, what are you doing?
You see, Ben, people are beginning to sit up and take notice.
Are we gonna stand for this?
There are big decisions to be made.
Yes, whereas under these conditions. that are. binding.
And so we are gathered here today to pay our respects to.
They are awful.
The scoops are on their way.
Are you speaking to me, Baron? Mluvíte snad se mnou, barone?
Are you carrying a torch for her?
Some of these bags are gonna be yours, Phil.
There you are!
What are you gonna do with it?
You are good!
Big Stuff Who do you think you are?
How tall are you?
I just. I love you, and I wanna help. You are.

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